Friday, August 2, 2013

Post-raya Activity: Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

There's a fact that says, Exercise can help you get pregnant. I am trilled to start cycling after raya with husband. Yes, I have promised myself to practice a healthier lifestyle. Exercise can lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety (this is what I'm facing right now), treats depression (and this one too). 

Then I will start playing tennis (after 17 years). Not sure if I manage to hit the ball or just running here and there picking the ball. LOL.

"A study from the University of North Carolina, US, has shown that women who were most active before fertility treatment were three times more likely to conceive as women who were least active. And it doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise. Even doing housework can raise a woman’s chances of getting pregnant."

Va-va-voom! Great huh? Plus, we can shed our excessive weight. I have to be extra cautious in consuming my daily food. I also have this thought of buying Shaklee Cinch Shake. Have to watch my diet. But raya dishes are so tempting, I just couldn't help myself. Love beef rendang, ketupat, sambal goreng Jawa. Mabeles i tell u.... Aku ni half Jawa, makanya aku sukakan tempe! Hihi.

Dear all TTCians, selamat hari raya. Will left my blog empty for 2 weeks, as I will be fully occupied during raya hols. Remember, watch our meal, jangan belasah santan banyak2 ye! Supplement pun jangan dilupa raya2 ni.. XOXO~

P/S: Yippi, hari ni last kerja. Minggu depan dah cuti! Let's do some baking business!


Atie Nash said...

Selamat hari raya Nina!!!
After raya ni nak cycling jugak t0 kt rumah je...static bicycle hehe

Nina Aman said...

atie: thank u atie...hehe, takpe statik2 pun, janji exercise kan...

BaTiK_PiNk said...

inspiring entry....membuatkan Yani terfikir nak aktif berjogging semula lepas raya...yeay! tq Nina!