Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,
I am sorry I am not a beauty queen,
But I am just beautiful me.
I may not be a good chef,
But I try to cosset you with delicate tidbits.
I am sorry I am not an interior designer,
But our laugh is enough to brighten up our home.
I may not be a good doctor,
But trust me, my touch has cure you.

Dear Husband,
I am sorry I am not a good best friend,
But I try to soothe you when you are down.
I may not be a good wife,
But my love for you will never fade.
Live without you is hard.
I want you to stay by my side,
Facing our ups and downs,
Now, forever, always, until Jannah.

Dear Husband,
I thank Allah for sending you to me,
I love you, Sweetheart.
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Your Wife♥


sweet tooth said...

Happy Anniversary Nina...Smg both of u di bawah Rahmat & Keberkatan Allah selalu, dipanjangkan usia dalam keimana and dikurniakan rezeki dalam pelbagai bentuk :-)

BuRuuj said...

smga bahagia sampai syurga. aminn...

Atie Nash said...

Happy anniversary nina...alhamdul8llah dah setahun usia perkahwinan. Semoga bahagia hingga syurga. Jgn lupa update cite vacation ke Tunamaya...hehe

Nina Aman said...

Sweet tooth: thank u..inshaallah (=

Buruuj: thank u kak...inshaallah (=

Atie: thanks...belom ada masa lg nk buat entry tunamaya.rasa nk pegi lg!