Monday, February 4, 2013

So, I Went to See My Ob/Gyn

Yes, I finally met my ob/gyn. Had a long consultation. I spilled out all my menses problem. My ob/gyn has diagnosed me with Oligomenorrhea. 

My ob/gyn even did ultrasound scan and took a vial of my fresh blood sample for hormone analysis. Alhamdulillah, it went well.  I pray to Allah, calm myself and let the nurse to sample my blood without looking at the process. I was not mentally ready though. Uh, scary. I am afraid of needles and blood. I can easily get nauseous. 

Oh, I have 2 attending doctors. A she (which is a houseman-doc) and a he (a senior doctor). Lucky me. He has scheduled for my next visit in March. But this time, I am shaking and really got me goosebumps. I will undergo transvaginal scan (TVS). It's shivering enough. He also asked me to bring my husband's SFA result.

I always talk to myself, "Aku sanggup berkorban untuk mendapatkan baby. Fikirkan yg bersalin tu lagi sakit, tapi semua orang boleh buat!".

Any TTCian ever had TVS? Can you share your experience? Thank you (=


Z.U.E said...

TVS tu tak sakit pun.. :P

Nina Aman said...

ZUE: lega dgr...ramai jugak yg i tanya...tq for sharing (=