Monday, January 21, 2013

Kindara App: Fertility Charting Software

Assalam and howdy to all TTCians. I just discovered this one cool app to help with our fertility. It's called KINDARA. I already downloaded it since last week and found that this one is very user-friendly and has helped me a lot. I barely remember to get my daily body temperature. But with this, I manage myself to grab my thermometer and check temperature of mine. This also enable us to see our body temp chart in a simple graph. 

You will be prompted with a few simple questions on yourself including your daily mucus discharge, menstrual and intimacy. Finally, it will guide you to track your most fertile days. Go check out on app store or Google play now. Have fun!

1 comment:

fiqkbe said...

macam2 app yang ada skrg utk mudahkan keje kita kan. hope app ni dpt bantu sis ;)