Friday, January 18, 2013

Something to Yearn For

Since I started to grow up (jadi lebih matang gitu), me and husband have started to hunt for a house. Yes, an asset for life. We will get excited and looking forward to viewing launched houses. Because the price is increasing each month right? Kena cepat bertindak ni!

We currently rent a single-storey terrace house with 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms. It's only 10 mins drive to my office and 5 mins drive to his workplace. The point is whenever we want to buy something like water heater or to set up our mini garden, we will stop and think. "Halt! It's only a rental! No point in spending more for something that finally will not be ours."

There are some tips especially for those who are interested to invest in a property. If you read this book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, you will understand better. Sila baca dan buat kajian sebelum beli apa2 hartanah. Kena bijak buat keputusan. Ini sangat penting!

Frankly speaking, i wish to own a house with 4 bedrooms such as a small bungalow or a semi-D with a spacious garden. In fact, it's all depends on your budget, how much are you willing to invest for a down payment? Sebenarnya ikut gaji kita jugak sebab kalau nak buat pinjaman perumahan gomen atau bank, they will ask for your pay slip. 

Ok, enough of talking. Mari melihat rekaan dalaman rumah idamanku selalu.


fiqkbe said...

wah best nyer kalau bleh dpt mcm yg kita nak tu kan. all the best for the house hunting ;D

Nina Aman said...

fiq: hehe...sbb tu menjadi idaman kalbu...(=

Nastyna said...

me say nice, u got taste dear. hehehe salam kenal. happy house hunting.

Nina Aman said...

Nastyna: it's all about d money..nice knowing u too n happy reading!