Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Celebration (Events) To Date

Assalam peeps. November month is amazing. Oh, this month i turned 27. And hubby also. Actually, there are many November babies in both hubby's and my family. Hubby's and Pak Ngah's on 3rd, Bang Sirr (hubby's cousin) on 4th, my ayah's on 5th, mine and Ayah Teh's on 6th, Eryna's (my niece) on 7th, my uncle's on 10th and lastly Ain's (my cousin) on 29th. Did i miss someone? I hope not. Well, it's quite a list right?

Seriously, I didn't know hubby's birthday is 3 days earlier than mine during our friendship time. Namanya jodoh kan?Tengok jelah ramai ahli keluarga kami yg lahir dalam November. This entry is not only about November babies, but the celebrations and events that we had (attended) so far.

3 November 2012
  • Hubby turned 27. 
  • We attended Seminar Jutawan Industri by the prominent Dr Azizan Osman at The Zon JB
  • Watched "Skyfall" (our first movie after we got married)
  • Bought hubby lunch

6 November 2012
  • I turned 27! Still I behave like a kid. Hikhik
  • Was surprised by a bouquet of roses during office hours. Senyum sampai telinga.
  • Got another surprise that evening after work. It was my birthday cake.
  • Dinner with hubby

8 November 2012
  •  We hit the road to Universal Studios Singapore, baby!! *I will share the moment in my next entry*

10 November 2012
  • I baked my very first red velvet cake for ayah.
  • We had family dinner in my hometown.

In short, I would like to thank Allah for giving me good health to celebrate my 27 years of age with my loved ones. This year I celebrated my birthday as a wife, a daughter, a daughet-in-law, a sister, a sister-in-law, a scientist and a graduate student. ALHAMDULILLAH. Deepest appreciation to my beloved mama for bringing me into this world. I ♥ U! Million thanks to hubby for all the surprises, love, care and able to share the hardships together. I ♥ U!

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