Thursday, November 15, 2012

Travel Tips To Universal Studios Singapore

Like i promised u before,  here's the entry. Let me share some travel tips to Universal Studios Singapore. We had a chance to visit USS last 8 November. It was so amazing,guys! I wish I could be there again. Yes, definitely! Ok peeps, for those who wish to visit USS, I hope this entry shall help you a bit. 

1. Passport

Yes, passport is important as you will travel across our border. As for me (I am from Johor), it took less than an hour to get there. Oh, I you want to renew your passport, please take note that you are required to provide DIFFERENT PASSPORT PHOTOS (2pcs) from the previous one. Taubatlah aku dah terkena hari tu. Bawa gambar yg sama dgn paspot lama. Pegawai Imigresen kata tak boleh guna gambar yg sama. Dah tak pasal2, terpaksa amik gambar instant kat bangunan tu. Dgn orang ramai, dahlah tak edit langsung, mahal lak tu! *pfft*. No visa is required prior to enter Republic of Singapore.

2. USS Ticket

We got lucky because it was a non-peak season. So, no need to wait & queue long to enjoy the rides there. We bought our ticket from this travel agency in JB. It included USS ticket + return bus ticket. You need to plan your holiday. Try to avoid peak season ok?

3. Weather Forecast

This is important prior to traveling and enjoying your outdoor activities. Always check weather forecast before you travel on certain dates. Rides in the USS will be closed (suspended) if it does rain. Bring along your umbrella, apply sunblock or wear a hat/cap.

4. Attire

Always put on comfortable attire especially cottony materials, flat shoes/flip flops because it requires you walking a lot. In fact, the USS is huge! Bring along your disposable raincoat. Some rides will get you wet. That only cost you RM2.40 if you purchase at 7-Eleven. Ponchos are also available at vending machines in the USS. That will cost you SGD3.00. What a waste of money! So, plan your budget!

5. Snacks Bar & Restaurant

Snacks, meals and beverages are available at all major attractions in the USS. For muslims, always look for Halal signage at each restaurant/food court that you wish to dine in. You can buy water tumbler there and refill your drinks. That will cost you only SGD2.00 for soft drinks/iced lemon tea. Harga makanan tu oklah bagi matawang dia. Tapi bila dah convert ke RM jadi mahallah. Here's some tips: You can bring along some snacks from Malaysia, but not to bring packed nasi lemak, roti canai ok? I think they only allow snacks but not packed meals. 

6. Toilet

Some will say, "Toilet kat Singapore takde air, tak selesalah!". Yes, they do. Most of public toilets in Singapore do not provide water hose. Tapi dekat masjid confirm ada air ye. Jangan risau. I've been to Singapore. Dekat USS pun ada toilet yg ada water hose. Tapi kena pegi toilet yg HUJUNG SEKALI. Tu je 1 yg ada water hose. 

7. Prayer Room

At USS, there are prayer rooms available for muslims. Tapi jangan terkejut, sebab bercampur ruangan solat lelaki dan wanita. Pandai2lah ye. Yang penting ibadat kena jalan jugak!

8. Medicine

Don't forget to include your Tiger Balm/paracetamol/Minyak Kapak and what-so-ever ubat2. Takut pening naik rides. Hehe. Nak beli2, mahal.. Jadilah tourist yg bijak urus kewangan.

9. Lockers

Lockers are available at certain attractions. You can store your bags and keep your belongings safe while riding. It's FOC and additional fee will be charged after 30 minutes. 

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