Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cobweb In My Blog. Let's Dust It Away!

Dear All,
It's been 8 days I left my blog without any writings.
8 days ago, I was on my medical leave.
Without internet access. Purposely.
What's with those 8 days?
Last 15 June (one fine day), I was warded and the biggest part is that day was my VERY FIRST experience to undergo a surgery. Mind u, a minor one!
Why? To remove cyst.
Alhamdulillah, I feel better after 8 days resting at home, less chores, but has doubled-up my vitamin C uptake.
Still on medication & really need to give extra care to my surgery wound (and the scar and the mild pain each night and the itchiness).

Nanti bila senang, Nina cerita lagi (cerita bergambar), penat menaip panjang2.
Ok, babai! Biasalah kerja menunggu tuan punya diri ni naik kerja.

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