Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 5 Most Fav Blogs

Menjawab tag Puan Dyana. Here's my most fav blogs. Sebenarnya, banyak lagi blog yg Nina suka lawat. But I couldn't list them all. I love to read different people's views. How they complete their live, what are their interests..
Dyana's. She's my best friend. Now has moved to JB. Jarang dah jumpa.
Ni Shahira. She's my junior at KIZ, UKM. Dia ni budak kreatif. How cool is that?
This is my aunt's. Her writing is very inspirational. Plus, I learn some good things.
Qey's. My college mate at KIZ, UKM. She has some cute thoughts. Suka baca blog dia!
Tahirah's. Dia ni ex-bride2be. I can simply refer her blog for all the wedding stuff.


An idealist that doesn't know where she's going, but is on her way said...

i am flattered :D

HaniM said...

Feel so good when I'm in ur list...muahahahaha

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

hehe..thank u maman~ ^^

Nina Aman said...

qey: hehe..pls be...^_____^

hanim: what's with the muahahaha laugh?sounds evil pulak...hehe

amanda: my pleasure!~ (=

Shahira said...

tq sbb promote my blog weee~~~

Nina Aman said...

@Shahira: same2..i do love ur photowork!