Friday, May 3, 2013

False Alarm

I had a heavy breakfast yesterday because I can't fight my hunger after I took a long leave (ape kaitan?). Normally, I have a mug of warm HR goat's milk and a bun to start my day. But yesterday I had nasi goreng + sambal telur puyuh + sambal goreng jawa. Let's cut the story short. Later, I felt my stomach started to harden and aching. It's was like colic sensation. I tried to hang on. Was glancing at my watch constantly. "Cepatlah pukul 12.30, aku nak balik! Tak tahan ni." Alhamdulillah, finally I reached home by 12.50. I rushed to my bed and took a nap until husband came home for lunch break. I told him about my sudden stomach and upper abs pain. Then I continued my nap. About 20 minutes gap, I ran to my toilet sink and threw up. The colic sensation was reduced. Husband tried to soothe me and he asked me to stay at home. After Isha' we went to see my panel Dr. I was given a medical leave for that day. It was just flatulence and colic. Still no sign of pregnancy. There's only 1 thing in my mind when I was sick, "Kalaulah kesakitan ini petanda aku pregnant, aku akan sangat happy."  


Z.U.E said...

amin... semoga sakit petanda prenant :)

Nina Aman said...

zue, amin....harap2lah mcm tu... (=