Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Ovulasi!

Masih ternanti2 bilakah akan berlaku ovulasi. I am currently trying to get to know my body better. Each morning, I grab my thermometer to record my body temperature. Then key in my BBT in Period Tracker & Kindara Apps. Some friends recommend Fertility Friend. I should give a try later. You can download them for free at Apple Store or Google Play. Thanks to this technology. It is easier to estimate my fertile period. I don't have to jot them down and plot a graph. Why so 'school science'? Haha. I had enough of charting and graph plotting of a huge volume of data. Trust me. I digest that everyday. Ok tipu, tiap2 bulan je. Itu pun masa buat project report. 

Sejak lepas habis AF, terus rajin makan supplement dgn penuh disiplin. As for now, I drink HR Goat's Milk (Honey & Dates) for breakfast. Plus, I consume Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil soft gels + Folic Acid (prescribed by my O&G). I end my day with a tablespoon of Gulsan Concentrated Pomegranate + a tablespoon of honey. A few of friends talked about the goodness of Habbatus Sauda. I should get 1 too. I will choose capsule according to my preference. 

Eh, haritu pegi Jusco jumpa pulak booth jual Nubian Goat's Milk. Beli 2 botol kecik je. Memang bau kambing, tapi lebih creamy dari susu lembu. Dalam seminggu ni kena betul2 disiplin makan supplement tu. BD pun kena sungguh2. Kena monitor cervical mucus jugak. InshaAllah, tak lama lagi ovulate lah. Wish me luck!


aizu's life said...

salam.. pasal ovulasi & ape2 yg bkaitan ngn peod ni, kite bgantung pada "My Calendar" je.. download kat enset, gune play store.. sng, smue diorg dh kire.. juz isi bile kite peod je :)

Nina Aman said...

aizu: wsalam...oh my calender eh?sy guna apps kindara n period diary. fetility friend tu yg x bestnya kalau nk key in data mesti nak kena on internet..