Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nausea and Ovulation

I am having waves of nausea this past few days. Can nausea be a symptom of ovulation? This feeling only come in the evening and at night during night sleep. I was awake last night feeling nauseous and the sensation was getting intense (i wanna puke). I told husband and quickly had a big gulp of plain water. And the feeling was gone. So, to facilitate me, I  prepared a tumbler of water and place it near my pillow. 

Last cycle was my first on Clomid. Maybe this nauseous sensation is due to hormonal adaptation or progesterone build up? I don't know. In fact, I am never get this feeling before. It's way too soon for morning sickness. Tapi kalau morning sickness pun, syukur sangat2. ^___^

Have any TTCian ever experienced this?


JayFarhana said...

your nausea is most probably bcoz of clomid :) dulu zaman i ambik semua segala hormonal pills utk conceive, mmg mcm2 jenis loya ada. loya yg nak muntah, loya yg nak pengsan, loya yg smpai berair2 air mata..smua sbb pills..sbb bdn kite dikejutkan dengan hormon tu yg leh jadi nausea tu...tapi kalau natural ovulation pun mmg leh nausea. i yg conceive ni kan, i siap demam mase ovulate tu. :D

fiqkbe said...

hope it was a good news. yippee!! ;D

Nina Aman said...

Jay: ke sbb hormon..maybe sbb yg i mkn clomid on cd2 tu...but now the nausea feeling has gone..tgh counting days utk check upt.bila masa yg sesuai ye?

Fiqkbe: oh, itu sbb hormon...harap2 lepas ni btl2 loya la kn...(=