Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Sister's Early Birthday Celebration + Eid BBQ

Ok I know this entry should be posted a month ago. But I am authorized here. Blogging like a boss! Let's cut this short. Just enjoy the photos. FYI, these photos were captured using our brand new Nikon J1. It's a good compact camera with DSLR-like function. So, if you are into photography, this camera is a good start for you to learn and explore. Why waste money to buy a DSLR camera? This J1 is way cooler! Plus it is not bulky! Memang stylo ah!

Ikan kembong in action

Marinated chicken ready for BBQ

Kasi effect gelap sikit

Dinner at our garden sambil sedut angin malam


Her 19th birthday cake

Lilin sedia untuk main bunga api

A star for you

Hubby buat macam ada superpower

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