Thursday, December 23, 2010

LAFA Pixellutions: Just Click Like♥ Contest

Howdy all! As the new year gets closer and I am getting 'younger', I'm getting more excited about wedding stuff. I've started browsing the internet to look up for wedding packages; from dais to dowry deco, cakes, photographer & bridal costumes.
Every girl has a dream of marrying a guy that she loves, to be her lifetime partner on a day to remember. My dream is a fairytale wedding as I can see myself in a white flaring bridal gown, glittering tiara & a long veil. *berangan!* This sounds way too far, but this is my dream.
I've chosen picture above because it depicts my wedding dream. *berangan lagi!* The couple was in white with a refreshing green surrounding. I just the portraiture. That couple sheers happiness & both look fabulous!

Every picture tells a story & only a well-groomed & talented photographer can be a good story-teller. So, I wish I could win this contest as I learned that LAFA (Lam & Faiz) could fullfill my dreams. I've gone through their masterpieces & they're really awesome! I just couldn't wait to see more from them. this is real & u can see it for yourself. Must click here for no regrets!

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