Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello From Vancouver!

Howdy all..

It's been so long I haven't write any..
To my cool jumper contest winners;
Nadea, Helmi, Naz, I'm so sorry for the delay of your present delivery..
Hope you'll like it!

It's been 24 hours travelling across continents and I'm a TIME TRAVELLER now!

Hopefully, the weather here will be gentle as I got sore throat before boarding,
chesty cough, husky voice...arghhh....not really comfy...
From Strepsils, to Dequadin lozenges purchased at HK *it was expensive though. i bought it for HK$27. Haiyaaa...*
Their hospitality sucks. And MH is still the best!
Yay! Proud to be a Malaysian!

More updates later..Hehe =D See ya!

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