Monday, July 26, 2010

Mama Zharfan's 1st Giveaway! ♥

Yippi-yayyy.. Another giveaway offer.. Proudly organized by Mama Zharfan
Simply make an entry, paste the banner and create a slogan, "I follow Miles of Smile because / kerana...." (tak lebih 30 perkataan, boleh tulis dalam BM or English)
Hadiah dipilih berdasarkan slogan paling sweet & lucky draw.. Harap2 ada rezeki kali ni... (=
Dear Mama Zharfan, ni slogan Cik Nina (gatai nak tulih dalam English..)
I follow Miles of Smiles because I love to read on a mother’s courage and hard work to juggle her family, study and work. Yet, she keeps smiling as a happy blogger, blogging with her heart and soul.


mama zharfan said...

orait dear. me dh check. tq and good luck!!

Nina Aman said...

mama zharfan: tq 4 visiting!hrp2 murah rezeki (=