Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kisah My 1st Niece

Hi there..
Here's My Very 1st Niece named - Bunga Cahaya Eryna
We often call her 'Nge'. That sounds funny isn't it??
She's so adorable and kissable..Geram dengan dia..Pipi bulat, mulut macam burung nuri..Just like 'Tweety Bird'. ^_^

When she was 11 months, everytime she started to cry,she said the alphabet 'M'
"Huuuu....M..M...M..." *crying*
M stands for mommy,but she was unable to get it,so instead of saying Mamiiiii..she said "M"

How cute!!!

Nge was born a day after my birthday- 7 November 2008.
November babies are way too cute..Am I right??hehe
Kini, Nge sudah #1 tahun..sudah pandai jalan..alalala..mesti cute,terenot2 bump dia..Rindunya kat Nge. Last Aidiladha pun tak jumpa..
Tak pe,nanti wedding Pak Ngah and Cik'Na kita jumpe ye budak bucuk??

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