Friday, January 11, 2013

So, I've Put On Some Weight!

It's unbelievable. I stepped on the scale for about 4x to make sure it's working properly. U know, u can't 100% trust/rely on cheap stuff. Ok, i bought a cheap bathroom scale from Watson's.

I told husband, "Yang, scale ni tipu. Saya dah calibrate pun apsal macam tu? Timbang kat rumah mama takdelah berat mana!". The fact is, I just can't accept the increment of my body weight. I never imagine to reach such weight. I almost drop my jaw when I stepped on my newly-purchased scale. Gila la wei! Gila dempak dan bulat! :0

It happened so fast like I never notice that. Then I stop and think. Something must be wrong. Finally I realized, blame the supplement! IT HAS MADE ME FAT. I rushed and start Google-ing. Yes, Vit B Complex will increase your appetite. Husband brought a set of supplements from hospital for me to consume. Sebab I dok mintak kawan husband tolong prescribe Folic Acid. Hehe. Best dapat ubat free.

The thing that made me feel uneasy is that a bunch of my office mates keep asking, "Berisi ni dah ada baby ke? Muka pun nampak glowing..". Nak kena ulang2 cakap, "Belum rezeki lagi kak. Ni berisi sebab supplement." Cakap sambil sengih2.

Pernah satu malam mimpi I pregnant. Masa tu lepas buat UPT tunjuk 2 lines. Happy sangat. Siap dalam mimpi tu buat UPT 2x. Then masa bangun pagi tu, terus capai UPT kit. But it was -ve. *sedih*

I knew, someday I will. Each night before bed, I ask husband to touch my tummy and pray to Allah. Yes, Allah knows best! InsyaAllah! InsyaAllah!


Nur Athira Syafiqah said...

Aww :'(

Nastyna said...

Insya Allah... sooner or later. Dont stress too much.

Nina Aman said...

Athira: wuuu...pray for me darling! )=

Nastyna: insyaallah..amin.. (=