Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picking A Nice Wedding Theme Color

I've started browsing some ideas to pick a wedding theme color. Oh yes, I wish to have a brand new color with fresh vibes that may give awakening sense. But what color would suit me best? Agar tak nampak birat di hari bahagia. And I've done some research for 2012 wedding colors. Check this out!

  1. Canary Yellow/Light Yellow

2. Peach & Cream

3. Shades of Lilac/Lavender Purple to Violet

4. Teal/Peacock Green

Memang meletup kalau pilih warna2 tersebut. As for me, I'd choose canary yellow/peach & cream. Lawa! So, all the best to all brides to be out there. Eh, termasuk juga aku! Macam tak percaya aku dah dalam proses buat persiapan untuk hari itu. Hehe~

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