Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 23: My Idea of A Perfect First Date

Rule #1
Never catch a movie during your 1st date. *Aktiviti ini kurang komunikasi*

Rule #2
Have a lunch or dinner at a cozy restaurant such as Secret Recipe, Starbucks Coffee/Laksa Shack

Rule #3
Talk about your surrounding, hot issues/roughly about yourself, interests.

Rule #4
Never, never, never talk about your salary, your property. Don't flaunt! Stay humble.

Rule #5
Never late for your 1st date. Be punctual! 1st impression is very important.

Rule #6
If you are a man, meal is on you!

Rule #7
Girls, never overdressed!

Rule #8
Do not talk about serious relationship. You should give ample time to each other.

Rule #9
Drive her home safely or right before her parents' time limit.

Rule #10
Always look forward to meeting your partner soon. Unleash your confidence and keep smiling.

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