Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 14: A Picture of Me Last Year

Last year beyond Sept 2010, my heart was jumping & couldn't wait to experience Canada myself. That was my very 1st trip to a temperate country. Plus, it was such a great experience to share with my Mak Busu. She is graduated from the Uni of Winnipeg. She asked me to capture some photos of the recent Winnipeg town. In addition, that was fall season. We were trembling due to chill weather. However, it was an unforgettable memory!

@ The Lower Fort Gary's Gallery

There's not much changes except my body weight. I think I have lost 2-3 kg since March 2011. I had put on some weight when I was in Canada. I ate potatoes. Lots of potato! Blame the cold weather! Hehe. The rest? The same Nina. Plain vain Nina. How would I change that? Please help me!


MiYOKO SuKi said...

cntik... :)

Nina Aman said...

@miyoko: yup...byk tempat2 cantik kat sane...(=