Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Women & Flowers ♥

Pictures are courtesy of Google


Men think: flowers die and they won’t last forever. Women think: flowers are a sign of love, care and thought. These are the facts why women love flowers:

~ Flowers are pretty and smell nice
~ Women tend to be more sensitive beings than men (in terms of sense, reaction)
~ Women give quick responses to the thoughts behind the flowers
~ Women love to be pampered and cherished
~ Flowers have a long history as messengers of romance
~ The giving of flowers is a gesture of peace and appreciation. Women will melt! For sure!
~ When you give your girl a bouquet of her favourites, it shows that you actually pay attention
~ Flowers can change a woman’s mood instantly!
~ Some people say, flowers are almost mandatory in a relationship.
~ The best part is, flowers make both the giver and the recipient happy! They will put a broad smile on a woman’s face.

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nEa FleriDa / nIL said...

saya suka bunga! wee ;)

Nina Aman said...

saye pn suke jugak! (=