Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pay Day is a Great Day

Lalala..sing your heart out..♪♫♪♫

Yup..pay day puts a smile on everybody's face..=D
I just checked my acc via Internet Banking..
and the amount appears..
I went tra-la-la-la...
Mucho gracias MPOB!!♥
zhi xie...me like it..

So,dengan pantas jari pun click 'Pay Bills'
◘ Astro (checked!)
◘ Loan PTPTN (checked!)

Yang belom settle:
○ car loan
○ house rent
○ kutu
○ ma + ayah

Yippi-yayyy,weekend nak pi tengok Shrek ☻ with baby sister (try to reduce her stress) and run some 'financing' a.k.a money spending or bahasa wanita "IT'S TIME FOR SHOPPING DARLING!!!"

Mau beli Lotion Halia Yang Extra Hot la..mau ramping..☺

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